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Relieve yourself from the pain of dealing with disintegrated systems. Save time and money by bringing onboard a services + software platform.

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Use our CPC certified coders for getting paid correctly.


Benefit from the speed of our process. Billing within 48 hrs.

Pre authorizations

Get approvals on your procedures without you or your staff investing time.

Extended Eligibility

Avoid denials through verification of active insurance, benefits, co-pays and coverage.

AR Management

Maintain better AR numbers than your peers or industry.

Business Intelligence

Use our business insights to plan the growth of your clinic.

Avoid Pains.

Maximize Your Growth.

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enki EHR for Pain Management

Templates designed by

Pain Medicine Specialists

Create custom templates that fit into your workflow. Document concise medical notes easily. enki EHR will help you stay focused on your patients.


Easy to use.

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