When everything goes wrong – from billing to technology


The client is a gastroenterology group and surgery center.


After years of frustration, the client decided to transition from their billing company of over 15 years. Little did they expect that the transition would be full of challenges.
1) The billing company did not cooperate in providing required data for billing.
2) As credentialing status was not properly maintained, Medicare revalidation application had expired resulting in a hold on Medicare payments, which formed the bulk of overall payments.
3) Previous billing had several coding errors resulting in many denials.
4) Finally, the client-server based EHR that the group was on crashed unexpectedly disrupting the entire workflow.


When the previous billing company was not cooperative, it became our responsibility to quickly figure out billing nuances of the group on our own and avoid any financial disruption. We addressed the challenges in several ways:
1) We worked independently to transfer all available data into our practice management system. To ensure that the transferred data is accurate, we implemented quality control steps involving records of patients who were scheduled for the next day.
2) We completed Medicare applications and re-initiated contract with Medicare, directly addressing a major problem faced by the group.
3) We flagged several coding errors that resulted in major denials and worked rigorously to implement sound coding practices in the group.
4) After the client’s workflow was disrupted through the EHR software crash, we transitioned them to enki EHR, which is a cloud/mobile EHR that can never be subject to loss of data.


Navigating the business of medicine can sometimes be tricky for doctors – from dealing with difficult vendors to operational issues to technology challenges, as was the experience with this client. What NextServices does is shoulder these responsibilities for doctors so that they can get back to practicing medicine. We earned our stars over the years through hard work, dedication and with a work ethic that demands transparency so that we do our bit to make healthcare delivery simpler.

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