NextServices has proven to be an invaluable partner in our revenue cycle management efforts. Their collaboration has resulted in significant benefits for our organization, including improved cash flow and streamlined billing processes. The NextServices team’s exceptional customer service has been consistently evident, as they have tailored solutions to our unique needs and displayed professionalism and responsiveness. Their advanced analytics capabilities have provided us with detailed insights, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic improvements. Overall, NextServices has surpassed our expectations, making them highly recommended for organizations seeking to optimize their revenue cycle operations.

Tara Smith
Office Manager

You’ve have been the best to work with! 😊

We enjoy our partnership with NextServices. They exude our culture with superb customer service. They are quick to answer our questions and concerns. They ensure we never miss a deadline with our clients. We are glad to have them on our team!

Belinda Baldwin
Director of Operations

Since implementing enki EHR, our experience has been fantastic. The system is incredibly user-friendly and easy to learn. The support team is outstanding, always responsive and quick to resolve any issues within 24 hours or less. We have the flexibility to customize our electronic health records (EHR) specifically for pain management, allowing us to create templates and modules that suit our needs perfectly.

enki has drastically reduced our time spent on administrative tasks. We can easily access patient records and find all the information we need within seconds. Even our nurses quickly adapted to using enki EHR, thanks to its simplicity and intuitive interface. The impact it has made on our daily operations and overall efficiency is significant.

The support provided by RCM, particularly in terms of billing and communication, has been exceptional. The team is always available and responsive, returning calls within minutes or emailing promptly. The communication between us and the billing service is unmatched, ensuring smooth and efficient operations

Brianne Manwaring
Assistant Administrator

I am writing this testimonial to express our sincere gratitude and satisfaction with the exceptional services provided by Next Services. Working with your team has been an absolute pleasure, and I am delighted to share my experience.

From the beginning, it was evident that we had made the right choice. Your team demonstrated the highest level of professionalism, expertise, support and commitment in assisting with our transition to your service. Everyone we interacted with gave us personalized one-on-one attention and support without limit.

Since then, Next Services has consistently displayed utmost reliability and responsiveness, and a thorough understanding of our requests and/or issues as they may come up. Your ongoing professionalism, problem-solving and commitment to exceed expectations is delightfully dependable and is always appreciated.

The knowledge and expertise of your team is commendable. Each member we interact with demonstrates a deep understanding of their respective fields and is prompt, both in responding, and in following up, to our inquiries. Your solutions and responses to our queries have been effectual, precise and practical, allowing us to streamline our operations and achieve significant improvements in efficiency and productivity.

You have even accommodated requests to change your product (software) to better serve us!

In conclusion, I cannot speak highly enough of the Next Services team and the remarkable work you have done for our organization. Your ongoing commitment to excellence has made a significant impact on our operations and overall success. I wholeheartedly recommend Next Services to any individual or organization seeking reliable, trustworthy and timely solutions.

Louise Humphrey
Practice Manager

For the past 7 years, I have been a proud client of NextServices, and I am thrilled to share my positive experience with their exceptional services. From knowledgeable billing experts to responsive customer support, they have consistently exceeded my expectations. Their robust data capabilities have provided deep insights into my lab’s financial health, billing patterns, and trends, enabling me to make data-backed decisions and implement effective financial strategies. I confidently recommend NextServices to any lab owner in need of comprehensive and top-notch billing and financial support.

Dr. Qiyuan Peng
Lab Director

I am delighted to share my experience working with NextServices. They have consistently demonstrated their knowledge and expertise in State Reporting, making them a reliable partner for the assignment. It has been a pleasure working with their team, as they consistently exhibit a high level of professionalism and a genuine desire to deliver exceptional results.

They have consistently delivered within the agreed-upon timeframe. This reliability has instilled a sense of trust in their capabilities and has allowed us to confidently rely on them for data submission.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend NextServices to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, respectful, and efficient partner.

Debbie Webber
Office Manager

NextServices is truly exceptional in handling end-to-end RCM activities. They shine when it comes to issue resolution and effective communication. Their clear and prompt communication are extremely helpful in identifying opportunities for improvement and keeping us well-informed about issues affecting the business side of our practice. Overall, their expertise and professionalism make NextServices an invaluable partner for our billing needs. I highly recommend their services.

Mariluz Umana
Office Manager

Our office converted our billing transactions to NextServices in July of 2010. The transition and training went very smoothly, and our office was up and running in no time at all. I have dealt with various members of their staff for many years. We appreciate the quick response to any issues and their ability to provide effective solutions, ensuring minimal disruption to our billing processes. They are noted for their consistent commitment to prompt problem resolution. Their personnel are exceptionally courteous and helpful to our patients regarding their billing concerns. They provide exceptional service and have proven to be an invaluable partner in our billing endeavors. We would highly recommend them for all of your billing needs.

Sharon Dukin
Office Manager

I highly recommend the NextServices team’s exceptional service for efficiently managing accounts receivable and following up on claims, avoiding financial losses. Their proactive approach ensures compliance with insurance rules and keeps track of unpaid claims. They excel in maintaining effective communication channels with the practice and delivering timely updates.

Rosa Schumann
Office Manager

Working with NextServices has greatly streamlined our workflow, allowing us to focus on helping our clients more effectively while being assured that a team of experts has our backs.

Francisco Cervantes
Laboratory Manager

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you and your team at NextServices. Our cooperation feels innovative and remarkable. Our work flow allows us to properly manage high volumes of information. I enjoy learning and accomplishing alongside everyone, and I will forever appreciate the growth we share.

Marco Feliciano
Laboratory Assistant

“We have been partnered with NextServices for more than a decade, their expertise, reliability, and personalized approach to billing have not only simplified our operations but also driven significant revenue growth. We wholeheartedly recommend their services.”

Dr. Libo Qiu

We started our lab during the Public health emergency and partnered with NextServices for billing services, they were proactive and were up to date with the changes and updates in COVID-19 billing and it helped us navigate the challenges and grow our business. They were able to manage our huge patient volume with ease using their internal automations. They are very knowledgeable, proactive and provide quick responses to any queries or concerns.

Shruti Bhagla
VP, Commercial Operations

I am extremely impressed with NextServices’s expertise in credentialing my lab with major insurances. Their knowledge and understanding of the process have been invaluable. The customer support they provide is outstanding, with prompt and helpful responses. I appreciate their efficiency and quick turnaround times. I highly recommend NextServices for their exceptional credentialing services and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Srikant Vedamoorthy
Lab Owner
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